Tommy Chong Hunter, Bobby Steele Husband and Wife Team, Nickolas Robertson, architect and Isabelle Grizzard Robertson, artist, pose for a photo with their two daughters. Shot for Seattle's Child. The Band Pig Snout. Dahlia, 6 years old, Lucien, 9 years old and their Father, Justin on guitar. Shot for Seattle's Child. John Roderick is an American musician, writer, podcaster, and politician. Shot for Seattle Met. Willie of Willie's Taste of Soul BBQ. Shot for the Seattle Weekly. Chef Mike Whisenhunt. Shot for Tasting Table Williams Sonoma Musician, Stubby Abbott. Community activist Peter Quenguyen works to inform other Southeast Asians about the dangers of eating fish from the Duwamish River in South Park, WA.  Shot for the Seattle Weekly. Rose Gibbs, Shot for Seattle Weekly. Off The Rez Food Truck. Owners Mark McConnell and Cecilia Rikard, with sous chef (Center) Donovan Macinnis. Shot for the Seattle Weekly. Dr. Alexander Garrard, a toxicologist and clinical managing director of the Washington state poison center. Shot for Seattle's Child Garfield High School teacher, Jesse Hagopian, poses with his new book, More Than A Score. Farmer, Russiaville Indiana Jack Timmons of Jack's BBQ. Shot for, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine. Ryan Nohr, Co-Founder of Stone Monkey Studios. Shot for the Seattle Weekly. Musician, Haji Basim.
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