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Joshua Huston is a Seattle-based photographer, who creates environmental portraiture, and  documentary styled images that are used for commercial, corporate, and editorial purposes.

By creating strong connections with his clients and his subjects, Joshua is able to produce high quality imagery that is authentic, original, and connects viewers to products, services, and stories in a genuine way that resonates with viewers.

Joshua's commercial photography has been used by companies and entrepreneurs for things like advertising, brand narrative, marketing, and corporate public relations. Joshua has years of experience creating editorial work for magazines both in print and online. 

If you have a project or you just want to say hi, feel free to write to him at or give him a call at 206-354-5382.

Some select clients Joshua has had the privilege to work with include: 

Microsoft,, Washington Governors University, Williams Sonoma, Marie Claire - Australia, NBAE/WNBA, Saga City Media and Seattle's Child.